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General Department

             This department offers different subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Physical Education during first two semesters. The faculties in general department endeavors its best to promote all round development, leadership and enhance the habit of self discipline among the students. The department remains updated in curriculum record as per the need of the industry.

             Three separates labs namely Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab and Language Lab are established under the department. All the three labs are fully equipped to meet out the requirements of the latest curriculum.

  • The language lab is equipped with personal computers assisted with headphones and microphones. It helps one to learn the correct pronunciation, accent, and other aspects of phonetic language.
  • Physics laboratory offers the Polytechnic students’ different practical concepts which help them to understand the basic concepts related to Physics. The lab is well equipped with good infrastructure and necessary equipments.
  • Chemistry laboratory is equipped with various models, different type of apparatus and testing materials. The lab has all the equipments in sufficient quantity so that each student can perform his/her practical individually.